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In an era when the President is more of a celebrity than a political leader, is it any wonder the First Lady made an appearance at the Oscar® Awards? Is it any wonder she hardly acknowledged the military personnel serving as her backdrop?

Lisa Mei Norton, a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and a trailblazer for her work to advance a Constitutionally conservative message in the liberal-dominated arts & entertainment industry, wasn’t surprised at all.

Lisa is currently conducting at Talk Show interview tour, sponsored by Special Guests, to offer her perspective on this long-standing trend in the business and speak to how she’s trying to counter it through the tireless effort her team is putting in at her media company, BigDawg Music Mafia.

“In everything we do,” says Norton, “music, song, poetry, prose, art, film, comedy, photography, paintings, rants, humor—you name it—we’re motivating, encouraging and recharging Right-leaning thinkers. Culture is mental software, and it’s time for an upgrade.”


1. Many Americans are concerned about the decline in our cultural values being both a cause and effect related to our current political leadership—or lack thereof. What’s your view on that?
2. Why do you think we have a growing voter block of poorly informed individuals?
3. What kind of threat does the current media situation pose to our future?
4. Why do you disagree with those who say, “Leave Hollywood to the Liberals”?
5. Tell us more about BigDawg Music Mafia and what you’re doing there to counterbalance the Left’s domination of the arts & entertainment industry.
6. Politically, what do you think Conservatives need to do to effectively promote conservative principles in a way that can truly influence people?


Lisa Mei Norton is a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant turned conservative singer/songwriter and is founder and CEO of BigDawg Music Mafia, a free social networking site launched in August 2010 to help showcase Conservative/Libertarian grassroots artists.

She is also CEO of BigDawg Music Radio, which features music and radio shows by the members of BigDawg Music Mafia and BigDawg TEA-V, featuring music videos by “BigDawgers.”

Ms. Norton is also a columnist for and Smart Girl Nation Magazine.

While serving in the Air Force as an airborne Russian linguist, Lisa moonlighted as a lead vocalist in various cover bands at military clubs overseas. In 1990, she competed for and was selected to tour with the elite Air Force “Tops in Blue” entertainment troupe, performing as a vocalist/dancer for military families at 138 bases around the globe.

Lisa’s passion for music carried on after retiring from the Air Force in the form of political songwriting with her friend BigDawg Andrew, beginning with the 2008 elections and continuing on with the advent and rise of the Tea Party movement.

Lisa works full-time as a defense contractor and, in her “spare time,” does all her songwriting, recording, performing, producing, writing for and Smart Girl Nation, and promoting BigDawg Music Mafia and its members—not to mention, she also hosts four weekly radio shows.

To this day, she continues to honor the oath she took to "protect and defend the Constitution." While she may have hung up her uniform, she intends to do everything in her power to keep the message of freedom alive—and her music is now her weapon of choice.

Performances over the past four years:
• Free Republic's 9/12 National Convention
• 1st National TEA Party Convention
• Code Red Rally in D.C.
• Washington, D.C. Tax Day Tea Parties
• 2nd Amendment March in D.C.
• Republican Party of Virginia’s Victory Convention
• Freedom Work’s “Take America Back” Convention
• Michelle Bachman’s post-Restoring Honor Rally TEA Party
• M.O.M. for America’s “An Evening with Michelle Malkin”
• Virginia TEA Party Patriots' Convention
• Freedom Works’ 9/12 Tax Payers’ March on D.C.
• Smart Girl Summit 2010
• Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2011
• Project Healing Waters' 5th and 6th Annual 2-Fly Tournament
• American Grassroots Coalition’s Hold The Line Rally
• We Stand With Gibson Rally
• GOPink Women Working For Change Conference
• Tea Party Patriots’ Road to Repeal Rally
• Rock the Red 2012

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