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IS OBAMA A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR?- Category:Christian_Conservative_News


Is Barack Obama a pathological Liar?

The most frightening aspect of Barack Obama may not be his radical ideology, and make no mistake about it. It is radical. But even more disconcerting is his unabashed dishonesty in selling that radical ideology.

One recent flurry of lies Obama has been caught concocting, involves the background of his family.
In "Dreams from My Father," his 1995 memoir, Obama used the story of his paternal grandfather's imprisonment and torture at the hands of British colonists in Kenya as an example of white cruelty. He claimed Hussein Onyango Obama was unjustly detained for six months before being released a crippled, lice-ridden "old man."

In fact, none of it is true, according to Washington Post editor and biographer David Maraniss, who traveled to Kenya to investigate the tale. Obama’s grandfather was not detained or beaten by his "white rulers," as Obama, writing as a 34-year-old lawyer, claimed.

This is only the latest example of a growing body of fabrications, embellishments and outright lies told by this Oval Office squatter in chief, who has a real problem, possibly a pathological problem with the truth.

Stacked up, his whoppers could make even Bill Clinton blush. Here's a sampling of Obama’s Family Lies:

Lie No. 1: Obama has repeatedly claimed his white grandfather, Stanley Dunham, "fought in Patton's army," when in actuality he was a clerk, seeing no combat in WWII.

Lie No. 2: Obama claimed Grandpa Dunham, a communist sympathizer, signed up for duty "the day after Pearl Harbor," when in fact he waited six months.

Lie No. 3: Obama claimed his father "fought when he got back to Kenya against tribalism and nepotism, but ultimately was blackballed from the government," when in fact he fought against capitalism and lost his job when he advocated communism.

Lie No. 4: Obama has claimed his late mother's health insurer refused "to pay for her treatment" for cancer while citing a "pre-existing condition," when in reality Cigna paid all her hospital bills and never denied payment.

Lie No. 5: Obama claimed he and a black high school friend named "Ray" were ostracized in Honolulu, when in fact the friend, Keith (KAH-koo-GAH-wah) Kakugawa, was half-Japanese, and neither of them experienced discrimination.

Lie No. 6: Obama claimed the father of his Indonesian stepfather was killed by Dutch soldiers while fighting for Indonesian independence, when in fact the story turns out to be "a concocted myth in almost all respects," Maraniss found.

Lie No. 7: Obama claimed his parents decided to marry in the excitement of the Selma civil-rights march of 1965 — and that he personally has "a claim on Selma" — when in fact they were married several years earlier.

Lie No. 8: Obama claimed his father got to study in the U.S. thanks to JFK's efforts to bring "young Africans over to America," when in fact the Kenyan airlift his father participated in occurred in 1959, the prior decade, under President Eisenhower. I guess Obama didn’t like Ike.

Lie No. 9: Obama submitted a phony bio to his book publicist claiming he was "born in Kenya." Well, now that I think about it, maybe he wasn’t laying on this one, but that would mean he’s lying now about not being from Kenya. Obviously both can’t be true.

Lie No. 10: Obama denied being a member of the socialist New Party, when a member roster of the Chicago chapter of the party lists him joining on Jan. 11, 1996.

Lie No. 11: Obama claimed he had only a passing acquaintance with Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, when in fact they held a fundraiser for their Hyde Park neighbor in their living room, and years later, while Obama served in the U.S. Senate, hosted a barbecue for him in their backyard.

Lie No. 12: Obama claimed he never heard Rev. Jeremiah Wright spew anti-American rants while sitting in his Rev. Wright’s church pews for 20 years. We’re not talking 20 minutes or even 20 weeks or 20 months, but for 20 whole years. It’s inconceivable to believe Obama could sleep through 20 years worth of screaming ranting sermons by Jeremiah Wright. In fact, Barack Obama was moved to tears hearing Wright condemn "white folks" and the U.S. for bombing other countries and even named his second book after the sermon. And the whoppers continue with:

Lie No. 13: Obama claimed he got in a "big fight" with old white flame Genevieve Cook, who after seeing a black play asked "Why black people were so angry all the time," when in fact she neither saw the play nor made the remark.

That concludes the lies compiled by Investor’s Business Daily—and their list didn’t even include Obama’s inartfully forged birth certificate created with multi-layer Adobe software that wasn’t even invented the year his birth certificate was printed, nor would it be for many years to come.

In both his autobiographies, Obama paints a false portrait of a still-racist America and West, where he, his friends and relatives are victimized by that racism. Conveniently, his remedy is redistributive justice through bigger government.

But in the process of fabricating anything needed to achieve immediate political short term gain, as his tall tales unravel, it not only results in wholesale insults against the intelligence of his detractors who he wrongfully accused, but he has fed fuel to the fire of discontent of his millions of former supporters who have gotten sick and tired of having to defend such an arrogant, pathological liar. It’s gotten to the point of being a full time job just to find one shred of truth left in the shell of the man they once supported.

Sadly, many of those supporters are true believers in liberal causes, but they no longer believe “The One” who they once believed would be their champion to take them to the Promised Land. They voted for hope. They voted for change. They felt that tingling feeling running up their legs. They truly believed. And now they feel truly betrayed.

Yet, regardless of how thoroughly Barack Obama’s lies are being exposed, and regardless of how many liberal news personalities are defecting, this tragic figure continues to press all the buttons and pull all the levers of the charade, as did the illustrious Wizard of Oz. And when Toto pulled back the curtain, showing him to be a humbug, he said in final desperation, “Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain.” Except with Obama, he continues to roll that teleprompter, spewing out even bigger sugar coated lies and salty blame with unprecedented piety and self righteous fervor. But alas, the sugar has turned moldy and the salt has lost its taste, and the teleprompter no longer is able to hold his captives under his spell. Yet Obama, the agent of Hope and Change,’ simply raises his voice as he plays his final race cards stuffed up his sleeve, still playing the ‘victim’ the poor black man discriminated again by whitey, when in reality his biggest lie may be in his claim that he’s Black. This lie is hidden in plain site. Remember Barry’s mom, Ann Dunham? She’s 100% white, and the man Obama claims to be his father was purportedly about 50% Arab and 50% African. That would make Obama only about 25% Black. …Hummm… Yet he still blames white oppressors. Blame, blame, blame that has earned Barack Obama a new nickname bestowed upon him by former Reader’s Digest roving editor, Lowell Ponte, who calls Obama… “The Blame Duck President.”

So does this white man posing as a black man know how to stir up strife and racial tension? Yes.

Does Obama know how to shirk personal responsibility and shift blame big time? Yes.

But today’s key question, without any unusual definition of what the meaning of is, is, the question is: Is Barack Obama a pathological liar? In a word: Yes.

(The preceding video was based largely on an article from Investment Business Daily.)

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