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SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO: ALL FAKE! Obama’s Birth Certificate, Selective Service Number and SS Number! Also Uncovered: Hawaii STILL issues Hawaiian Birth Certificates--to Anyone!- Category:Christian_Conservative_News
SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO: ALL FAKE! Obama’s Birth Certificate, Selective Service Number and SS Number! Also Uncovered: Hawaii STILL issues Hawaiian Birth Certificates--to Anyone!


Is Barack Obama’s Social Security Card legal? No. Is Barack Obama’s Selective Service Number real? No. Is Barack Obama’s Social Security number real? No. Is his Birth Certificate real? No.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced during a news conference on July 17, 2012 that Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate is a forgery.

His investigative team tracked down the lady who signed Obama’s birth certificate, 95-year-old Verner K. L. Lee, who explained that there were areas of Obama’s birth certificate that were filled in that should have been left blank, and other areas that were left blank that should have been completed. The investigators have a recording of Mrs. Lee’s conversation.

Mrs. Lee explained that documents of that era were double checked by a second overseer, by policy, so if this were a genuine original birth certificate, the errors on that document would have almost certainly been caught.

But in Obama’s purported birth certificate under the race area, the certificate was coded with a #9, meaning, “not stated,” putting the document in conflict with itself since the statedrace of father was listed as African. That is doubly problematic, first because on a genuine birth certificate the term “African” wasn’t used in 1961 on birth records, and second because on an authentic birth certificate in absence of the information needed, that box should have been left blank.

What’s more unnerving is that investigators discovered that anyone could go to Hawaii and declare an “unattended birth” as long as they were an adult and can prove they are legal residents—not required to be a U.S. Citizen—just legal residents, meaning it could be anyone who lived in a Hawaiian apartment or home, and incredulously Hawaii issued birth certificates, so such birth certificates clearly are irrelevant as to proving U.S. citizenship. So bad was this bizarre policy that Arpaio, along with his lead investigator Mike Zullo, concluded that Hawaii needs to be considered a National Security Threat since they still issue Hawaiian birth certificates to anyone!

Mike Zullo added that Hawaii now should be deemed a border state, and concluded, “You have to question every birth certificate from Hawaii.”

Oh, but there’s more, much more. Obama’s birth certificate was out of numerical sequence from the Nordyke twins who were born at the same time at the same hospital. Obama’s purported birth certificate had a number that was higher than the Norkyke twins. Obama’s numbering on his birth certificate is more consistent from birthing centers. So Obama’s reported birth appears to be from an outlying office and not from Kapiolani Hospital.

There were also numerous conflicting reports of which hospital he was born in, which conflicted with newspaper birth announcements, etc.

But it’s not just the birth certificate issue, Obama’s Social Security number begins with 042 and SS cards with 042 numbers are reserved for residents of Connecticut. The 10 sequential numbers leading up to Obama’s card number and the 10 sequential numbers following his number, all 20 of them, are assigned to residents of Connecticut. So, unless Obama lived in Connecticut, it appears he is using an illegal Social Security number.

What’s worse, Obama’s SS number doesn’t even pass a basic E-Verify investigation! That’s according to investigative journalist Jack Cashill who has concluded that Obama has been using the Connecticut SS number for the past 35 years.

In a prior news conference in March of 2012 that Obama’s Selective Service Number (SSN) and Social Security documents had been "tampered" with, according to their investigation. Plus Susan Daniels has independently corroborated those assertions. Where does this all end?

Bottom line: Through digital analysis, the Cold Case Posse investigators concluded that the long form birth certificate document was altered.

But after presenting conclusive evidence that we are facing what appears to be the biggest Presidential fraud cast in U.S. history, most news reporters chose to attack the character and credentials, rather than ask questions they likely would have asked if it were a fraudulent birth certificate of a sitting conservative President.

We must remember that Hitler and Castro had ‘news’ reporters show up at their ‘news’ events scribbling notes, but those reporters simply reported what they were told—as fact—with no dissent. And most members of the major national media pool that showed up for the Arpaio news event refused to report that truth. Some news outlets reported parts of the news conference but in a way to leave significant shadows of suspicion on the investigation through sins of omission and other discrediting techniques.

One question: Since when did the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave silently become the U.S.S.A.?

2-minute video summarizing Arpaio findings:

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