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Tea Party and Economists blast Boehner-Ryan on Debt Ceiling- Category:Christian_Conservative_News
Tea Party and Economists blast Boehner-Ryan on Debt Ceiling


Tea Party News Release


CONTACT: Rod Mitchell, 281-350-5506,

Tea Party, Economists, blast Boehner-Ryan on Debt Ceiling

WASHINGTON, DC (May 9, 2011) – The Tea Party, top economists-- and even George Washington – attacked House Speaker “John Maynard Boehner” (R-OH), his budget chief Paul Ryan (R-WI) and 18 others as “R.I.N.O. Republicans-In-Name-Only” who, after betraying tea partiers with microscopic budget cuts, are on the verge of leading House Republicans off the cliff by raising the U.S. debt ceiling in exchange for a few more crumbs from President Obama.

Dressed in colonial garb beside a George Washington lookalike, William Temple, chair of the Tea Party National Convention, said Boehner had betrayed the grassroots movement by defaulting on a promised $100 billion in budget cuts -- and weakly refusing to use the power of “strategic inaction” on the debt ceiling to force reform of health care entitlements, including repeal of ObamaCare. Temple, the man who led 1.9 million Tea Partiers in a September, 2009 march on Washington against ObamaCare, said, “Boehner and his Republicans are fiddling while Rome burns. The $38 billion in 2011 cuts they claimed were actually just $20 billion – about five days worth of U.S. borrowing! Washington is piling 40 cents per dollar of federal spending, $4 billion per day, on to the national debt and our children’s backs, yet these wimpy House R.I.N.O.’s refuse to hide President Obama’s Mastercard!”

Temple, elected to lead the movement’s Freedom Jamboree & Tea Party National Straw Poll Convention in Kansas City, KS this September is a veteran of the Secret Service, Pentagon and Vietnam combat, the son of a West Point major general and B-52 pilot. He said that Boehner and Rep. Paul Ryan had already “waved the white flag of surrender” to Obama and Senate President Harry Reid (D-NV) by pledging to raise the debt ceiling at all, or in exchange for “peanuts and worthless promises.” Temple said, “Ryan’s so-called ‘courageous’ budget adds $9 trillion to the U.S. debt and doesn’t even get balanced until 2063!”

In a statement, Michele Bachmann, chair of the House Tea Party Caucus, said, “It’s time to reject the debt ceiling scare tactics and address the truly frightening reality that our debt is at $14 trillion and growing. The debt ceiling vote will offer an opportunity that was squandered during the vote for the 2011 Continuing Resolution. Even as you gather in Washington today, bureaucrats are spending tax dollars to plant the roots of ObamaCare and make it nearly impossible for us to stop this massive, job-destroying, budget-busting entitlement.” Bachmann says she opposes hiking the debt ceiling without gutting ObamaCare, the president’s signature domestic achievement.

Bob Vander Plaats, vice chair of the Tea Party’s Freedom Jamboree, the 2010 Tea Party candidate for Iowa governor, and president of the Iowa-based Family Leader (Background: The Iowa Caucus Kingmaker - Magazine - The Atlantic,The Road to the White House Is Paved With Pizza -,GOP Hopefuls Hit Stump With Iowa's Go-To Guy - said, “America is craving bold statesmanship in the U.S. House and in the White House. The House GOP must play hardball on the debt ceiling for the sake of hard-pressed, taxpaying families across the USA. If nothing else, they must seize this moment to fix health care entitlements.”

Brian S. Wesbury, former chief economist to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, rejected claims by Boehner, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and the White House that House inaction to raise the debt cap would result in U.S. default to federal bondholders -- from pensions to hedge funds to IRA-owners to the Chinese. Wesbury, once named top U.S. economic forecaster by The Wall Street Journal, said, “Not once in the past 65 years has the monthly interest due on debt exceeded monthly Treasury revenues. As long as the Treasury Secretary manages cash correctly, the U.S. will not default on its obligations to its creditors. Global financial markets are perfectly able to comprehend the nuances of this debate. If the debt limit is used as a tool by some politicians to force serious, significant and durable corrections to the long-term budget deficit, the markets would react in a very positive manner. Servicing the debt and paying for the operations of government are not equivalent. As long as the debt is serviced, cutting spending, laying-off workers, or slowing down payment for budgeted items is not the equivalent of default.”

Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell, former economist of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, now of the Cato Institute, was blunter: “Notwithstanding demagoguery from Treasury Secretary Geithner and Fed Chairman Bernanke, the United States does not default if the debt limit remains at $14.3 trillion. The federal government will be collecting, on average, nearly $200 billion of tax revenue each month, and interest payments on the debt average less than $20 billion per month, so there is easily enough money to service existing debt. The only exception to that statement is that default is possible if the Treasury Secretary makes a deliberate (and highly political) decision to not pay bondholders. That won't happen. Fiscal conservatives should hold firm in their demands for real reform in exchange for a debt limit increase.”

Regarded by Time as “the face of the Tea Party,” Temple said those behind the Tea Party National Straw Poll Convention he chairs plan to score just one vote in the U.S. House for purposes of candidate ratings. “If you vote to raise the debt ceiling, you get a zero for the whole year. If you don’t vote to raise the debt ceiling, you score 100. Everything else – from votes on the budget to riders to repeals to trivial spending cuts -- is just smoke and mirrors. We will be judging the House Republicans and their Democrat colleagues on one issue only: DID YOU VOTE FOR MORE DEBT?”

Dr. Allen Unruh, the South Dakota chiropractor and Tea Party leader who made ObamaCare the target of 2009-10 the Movement’s fury said, “The Tea Party, conservatives and independents of all stripes fought tooth-and-nail to stop ObamaCare in 2010 -- and yet in 2011, R.I.N.O. Boehner doesn’t even have the horns to demand repeal of ObamaCare as a baseline condition of a debt vote! If the House GOP goes with him, R.I.N.O. season opens with the 2012 Republican primaries.”

Urging Tea Partiers and all voters to stalk 20 pro-debt House R.I.N.O.’s and “wobbly undecideds” with phone calls, emails and district-office picketing, the long-haired leader of fall’s giant, Kansas “Tea Party Woodstock Festival” held up a colonial musket with daisies in the barrel, urging “peaceful, non-violent, yet relentless pursuit of all House Republicans who have gone wobbly in favor of more national debt. Red ink requires pink slips – federal layoffs and downsizing for DC’s ruling class, just like for all the rest of us,” Temple said, “yet Boehner aims to maintain full federal employment while the private sector bears the brunt of a Washington-made economic collapse. I wish our tearful House Speaker would show some compassion for American taxpayers and our children, but he and Ryan have already surrendered to Obama. It’s a cowardly act of treason against coming generations.”

Temple said that House Republicans have it well within their power – via strategic inaction requiring no cooperation from Obama or Democrats – to cut a gigantic percentage of government spending simply by NOT voting to raise the debt ceiling. He said the Tea Party Movement opposes all House GOP action on the debt ceiling. Public opinion polls show that over two-thirds of Americans agree, he noted. “By hiding Obama’s Mastercard,” Temple said, “we starve the federal beast. We oppose more debt. But, because I know our people very well, I think it’s safe to say that the Tea Party Movement as a whole might possibly forgive Boehner and the House Republicans a small bump in the debt ceiling IF:

· “… IF ObamaCare is repealed beforehand.” Temple’s colleague Dr. Unruh added, “If Boehner’s Republicans of 2010 really, truly felt ObamaCare was an outrage last year, why isn’t the House GOP Majority of 2011 absolutely demanding its repeal – along with a fix of all other health care entitlements – as one of the price tags for extending President Obama’s credit card privileges for a few more months? Independents and conservatives – from the libertarians to the economists to the pro-lifers to the free-marketers, constitutionalists and Tea Partiers -- remain in total agreement that ObamaCare must go! Why can’t Mr. Boehner find the spine to use the debt ceiling as a weapon to kill-off ObamaCare? Why should he shed any tears over its richly-deserved demise?

Background/expertise illuminating why Boehner & Ryan have been TERRIBLE negotiators:

o House GOP Must Show True Grit on the Debt Ceiling -

o Cato: No Surrender on Debt Ceiling | Americans for Prosperity

o Debt-Limit Remedy Gives Fiscal Hawks Leverage | Daniel J. Mitchell ...

· “… IF the only thing offered on the table to Obama/Reid is a debt hike of $100 billion; not a penny more,” said Temple. That's the amount House Leadership promised and later denied to the Tea Partiers in FY 2011 cuts. If the President doesn't like it, let him figure out what to prioritize and what to cut when the cash starts running out. That figure also approaches the ballpark of a month's worth of US borrowing. It usefully sets up another debt ceiling confrontation later, a set of ratchets by which to jack-down this monstrously-high federal deficit. That is smart negotiating – not Paul Ryan’s opening 2012 budget bid to add $9 trillion to the debt!”

· “… IF the other health care entitlements of Medicare, Medicaid, and the U.S. tax code’s medical- inflation drivers get fixed beforehand,” said Temple. Vander Plaats added, “Everyone agrees, from the President, to his deficit commission, to the Republicans to the pundits to the think tanks, that the bleeding must stop. So, why does Paul Ryan’s budget delay these outflow fixes for a decade? Why did Boehner engineer the defeat of a better budget from Rep. Jim Jordan’s Republican Study Committee? And, why does President Obama, with whom the buck stops, belittle Ryan’s limp-noodle plan as draconian? In fact, if the GOP mans-up to require ObamaCare’s repeal as a condition of a debt ceiling vote, the President will desperately need the trophy of bipartisan Medicare/Medicaid reform and deficit reduction to save face. In January, five top market-oriented think tanks agreed on the top 10 things the House GOP needs to do to fix Obamacare, yet Boehner-Ryan have ignored it all.”

Background/expertise on ObamaCare Repeal and Health Entitlement Reforms:

· The Top 10 Fixes for ObamaCare

· John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis,

· Michael Tanner, CATO Institute,

· “…IF at least HALF of discretionary spending gets cut,” Temple said. “Most of it’s either unconstitutional, unsustainable, silly or evil. How can we tell future generations that we saddled them with trillions in debt for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, tobacco subsidies that cause cancer and EPA CO2 regulation of human exhale? How can we tell our children that we dug their debt-grave in order to hold official Washington harmless from the kind of layoffs the private sector has experienced -- in a recession caused by Congress’s banking and housing policies? How can we tell them we kept on borrowing $4 billion per day in order to buy up a third of the U.S. corn crop for ethanol subsidies that spike food prices for the world’s poor?”

Background/expertise on Discretionary Spending Cuts:


· Rand Paul: A Modest $500 Billion Proposal -

· Andrea Lafferty, Coalition for Traditional Values,

· Tad deHaven, Cato Institute,

· “… IF Boehner stops misleading House members and all America by echoing Treasury Secretary Geithner’s ‘Default Deceit’ that House inaction on the debt ceiling equals default to federal bondholders. Because there is plenty of tax revenue to pay interest on T-bills and Geithner himself is in charge of paying that interest, what ‘Tax-Cheat Timmy’ really means when he says we’ll ‘default on federal obligations’ is simply ‘no more borrowed cash will be available for every kind of spending authorized by Republocrat pols who can’t say no,’ said Temple”

Background/expertise on why House inaction on the debt ceiling does NOT = default to U.S. creditors:

· Emil W. Henry Jr.: The Debt Ceiling—Myths and Facts -

· Pat Toomey: How to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Without Risking Default ...

· Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell, Cato Institute, fmr economist the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, 202-251-1644

· Brian Wesbury, former chief economist, Joint Economic Committee of Congress:


· “…IF Social Security’s unfunded liabilities, and those of all the entitlement programs, including anti-marriage subsidies in U.S. welfare policy that fuel crime and other costly social pathologies, get addressed in advance,” said Temple.

Background/expertise on unfunded U.S. liabilities and Social Security Reform:

· Bankrupt: Entitlements and the Federal Budget | Michael D. Tanner ...

· The Coming Entitlement Tsunami | Michael D. Tanner | Cato ...

· John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis,

· Michael Tanner, CATO Institute,

· “…IF the House Armed Services Committee and the Pentagon slow down on injecting open homosexuality and females into forward combat roles,” said Temple, a U.S. Army sergeant combat vet. “When the Pentagon’s own studies show that military effeminization may have an extremely-costly impact on recruiting and retention, when Islamists have shown their willingness to sexually-brutalize American female reporters, why would John Boehner’s House Republicans be caving to political correctness? Why would House Republicans who know better be fostering inappropriate attractions in the intimacy of tents, bunks, barracks, platoons, subs, tanks, convoys, cockpits, latrines, showers, toilets and locker rooms – when we are fighting wars in three Muslim nations?”

Tea Party leader Rev. C.L. Bryant said, “The Pentagon has caved so far, at enormous coming costs to morale and the U.S. Treasury, to President Obama’s false equation of sexual politics with racial justice. So, now it’s time for the Armed Services Committee to go to war against political correctness with the best weapons they have, hearings, purse power, and willful inaction on the debt ceiling.”

Background/expertise on the unwisdom of effeminizing U.S. military combat forces:

· Elaine Donnelly, Center for Military Readiness,

· Andrea Lafferty, Coalition for Traditional Values,

· Report: Homosexual Misconduct in the Military



· The Case Against Gays in the Military

· “…IF a Balanced Budget Amendment, requiring a super-majority for tax increases, passes the House and Senate for ratification by the states.”

· “…IF the R.I.N.O. House leadership starts following the bolder anti-debt examples of other Hill voices.” Added Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of, the largest independent news source on the Internet, author of The Tea Party Manifesto, a nationally syndicated columnist, and a keynoter for the Tea Party’s “Woodstock Gathering” (Kansas City, 2011): “Tea Party Caucus Leader Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Frosh Class Chair Kristy Noem (R-SD), Republican Study Committee chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Senators Rubio (R-FL), Paul (R-TN), DeMint (R-SC), Moran (R-KS), Lee (R-UT), Vitter (R-LA) and Coburn (R-OK) who have been talking tough – or planning to filibuster -- against raising the debt limit. Boehner and Ryan should pay attention.”

Farah is the catalyst behind “No More Red Ink” a new media, grass-roots lobbying effort which has delivered about 1 million red, hard-copy letters urging House Republicans to freeze the debt limit at $14.3 trillion. He is also keeper of the Tea Party’s shifting “Whip & Wimp Count” of pro-debt House GOP R.I.N.O.’s at Farah said, “If Republicans provide the votes necessary to continue the borrowing and spending madness we’ve seen over the last several years, they will be telling Americans there is no alternative to Democratic Party irresponsibility. They will be telling Americans representative government is dead. They will be telling Americans Republicans are all talk, no action. They will be telling Americans that there is virtually no difference between the two parties. And they will be sealing their own dire fate in the 2012 elections.”

Background on Capitol Hill voices against higher debt:

· Marco Rubio: Why I Won't Vote to Raise the Debt Limit -

· Bachmann warns leadership on debt ceiling: Voters not looking for ...

· DeMint Threatens Filibuster on Debt Ceiling Vote -

· Revolt! Most House Repubs buck leadership on debt limit

Temple said that the Tea Party Movement will not be in a forgiving mood this fall at the Tea Party National Convention in Kansas City, nor as GOP primary season opens, if House freshmen and others elected by the Tea Party cave to Obama, Reid, Ryan Boehner on raising the debt ceiling. On May 5, media reported Ryan saying Republicans are “under no delusions” they will get everything they want in negotiations spending negotiations with the White House. According to The Hill, Ryan “reiterated what he has said for weeks that getting a ‘single or a double’ instead of a home run is the goal of the talks.”

Vander Plaats, the former coach, said, “Paul Ryan and his boss John Boehner are carrying a gigantic bat called the debt ceiling, but they refuse to swing for the fences – and restless fans want a grand slam. House Republicans should not even think about unhiding Obama’s Mastercard until after enactment of massive entitlement reforms, the repeal of ObamaCare, and massive spending cuts.”


EVENT PARTICIPANTS: Potential availability also for post-event interviews, talk shows, debates, etc.

· Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), chair of the U.S. House Tea Party Caucus, will issue a statement. INTERVIEWS: 202-225-2331

· Brian S. Wesbury, former Chief Economist, Joint Economic Committee of Congress, will address Geithner/media myths re “default.”

INTERVIEWS: 630-517-7756

· Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute and fmr economist the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, also on “default deceptions.”

INTERVIEWS: 202-251-1644

· William Temple, chair, Tea Party Founding Fathers; chairman, Freedom Jamboree and Tea Party National Straw Poll Convention (Kansas City, September 2011); Time Magazine’s “face of the Tea Party”; leader of the 1.9 million Tea Partiers who marched on Washington against ObamaCare in September, 2009; Veteran of the Secret Service, Pentagon and Vietnam combat (U.S.Army); son of a West Pointer, U.S.A.F. Major-General and B-52 pilot; Revolutionary War re-enactor. NOTE: Mr. Temple will be in colonial costume. INTERVIEWS: 912-577-9676

· Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of, the largest independent news source on the Internet, author of The Tea Party Manifesto, a nationally syndicated columnist, and a keynoter for the Tea Party’s “Woodstock Gathering” (Kansas City, 2011). Farah is the catalyst behind “No More Red Ink” a new media, grass-roots lobbying effort which has delivered about 1 million red, hard-copy letters urging House Republicans to freeze the debt limit at $14.3 trillion. NOTE: Farah is keeper of the Tea Party’s shifting “Whip & Wimp Count” of pro-debt House GOP R.I.N.O.’s at INTERVIEWS: 530-401-2385

· Rev. C.L. Bryant, director, Tea Party Founding Fathers; member, Red River Tea Party, Shreveport/Bossier Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots; Fellow, FreedomWorks; former president, NAACP (Garland, Texas chapter); documentary producer,; Baptist minister; founder,; speaker, Tea Party’s 1.9 million march against ObamaCare, September, 2009. INTERVIEWS: 318-210-3909

· Dr. Allen Unruh, S.D. Tea Party leader who, in 2009, focused the national Tea Party’s fury upon ObamaCare. INTERVIEWS: 605-521-6515

· Bob Vander Plaats, vice chair, Tea Party National Convention, the Tea Party’s 2010 candidate for Iowa governor, and CEO of the Iowa-based Family Leader. Background: The Iowa Caucus Kingmaker - Magazine - The Atlantic,The Road to the White House Is Paved With Pizza -, GOP Hopefuls Hit Stump With Iowa's Go-To Guy - NOTE: Mr. Vander Plaats will also be available afterwards for questions on the Iowa Caucuses and the 2012 Presidential contest. INTERVIEWS: 515-210-7475

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