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BIG BRO OBAMA WANTS CONTROL OF THE INTERNET: Will Americans Surrender Their Last Domain of Freedom?- Category:Christian_Conservative_News
BIG BRO OBAMA WANTS CONTROL OF THE INTERNET: Will Americans Surrender Their Last Domain of Freedom?


Following close on the heels of Congress’ passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which has been said to be the death of the Bill of Rights carried out conspicuously on Bill of Rights Day, December 15, 2011, we now learn that the “Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans.”

We know that analysts of the NDAA have warned that it will allow the “indefinite” detention of American citizens, without charges and without trial” ( ), but a lesser-known provision calls for “Military Activities in Cyberspace.”

Section 954 of the NDAA, entitled "Military Activities in Cyberspace," states:

Congress affirms that the Department of Defense has the capability, and upon direction by the President may conduct offensive operations in cyberspace to defend our Nation, Allies and interests subject to (1) the policy principles and legal regimes that the Department follows for kinetic capabilities, including the law of armed conflict; and (2) the War Powers Resolution." [Emphasis added.]

For those who ‘connect the dots’, it’s easy to see the link between the NDAA and Obama’s plan to give the Commerce Department the authorization to develop an Internet ID for Americans.

And, of course, it most surely will be presented as an enhancement of security and privacy and even a convenience to help those of us with bad memories not have to deal with multiple passwords. But are there ulterior motives? And what about the further erosion of our Constitutional rights?

Political and economic analyst Philip Cioppa is the Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Arbol Financial Strategies, LLC. Cioppa stated, "This borders on the trampling of the Constitution. In addition, to add this cost to the already overburdened cost of government makes little to no sense, and imperils the economy with more debt accumulated by the Federal Government.”

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