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HOLDER'S SERGEANT SCHULTZ DEFENSE: As Hearings Mount, Attorney General appears to be Throwing more Sandbags on the Stonewall- Category:(default)
HOLDER'S SERGEANT SCHULTZ DEFENSE: As Hearings Mount, Attorney General appears to be Throwing more Sandbags on the Stonewall


Despite overwhelming evidence that memos and letters were sent to Eric Holder regarding Fast and Furious as early as July of 2010, he still used ignorance as his defense in the most recent Congressional hearing. As frustration was apparent on the faces of Republican Committee members, there was a certain smugness on the faces of Holder and his assistants, who were seated behind him.

Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt has been following the Fast and Furious scandal, practically from the time it broke early last year. One of his concerns is that without the support of Committee Democrats, coupled with the near silence from House Speaker John Boehner, Holder may ultimately not be held accountable.

“The Democrats have dug in their heels and have collectively decided to side with the Attorney General, despite some irrefutable evidence,” Pratt said. 

Rep. Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee that is leading the investigation into Fast and Furious, seemed to be unable to penetrate the Justice Department stonewall when Holder appeared before Issa's committee for the first time.


Another narrative the Democrats seem to be adopting is that Holder has been subjected to six hearings now, from various committees and has been through enough,” says Pratt. “The problem is that truth still has not come out and the number of hearings it takes to get there shouldn't be restricted to how beleaguered the Attorney General might be.


For the investigation to continue, Issa may require some reinforcements in the form of support from House leadership. To this point, he hasn't gotten much, at least not publicly.

In an article by Matthew Boyle at the Daily Caller, it's reported that House Speaker John Boehner is “mum” with respect to Holder when it comes to the investigation. Boyle even cites a report by a prominent blogger relative to Fast and Furious, that Boehner may be instructing Issa to back down.

“At this point, those charges cannot be confirmed but one thing is certain,” Pratt says. “If this investigation is going to continue to gain momentum, it could certainly use a more public show of support from Speaker Boehner and to this point, Issa doesn't seem to have gotten that.”

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