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A LOOK PAST THE FLORIDA PRIMARIES: How are Pro-gun rights candidates looking?- Category:(default)
A LOOK PAST THE FLORIDA PRIMARIES: How are Pro-gun rights candidates looking?


Looking past the Romney win in Florida, what do the next primary races look like for candidates espousing Second Amendment rights?

The four remaining GOP candidates are spending millions of dollars tearing each other apart for the chance to take on President Obama in November.

But while all eyes are on the Republican presidential primary, Gun Owners of America (GOA) also has to prepare for something that American gun owners donít even want to think about; the possibility of a second Obama term.

Think about it. A second term for Obama means he will be unencumbered with thoughts about reelection.

His political appointees are already radical gun haters. His future picks will be even worse.

Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America stated, ďA second term for Obama means more Executive actions, such as illegally requiring gun dealers along southwest border states to report multiple long gun sales, will increase. And Obama, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will ratchet up the pressure on the Senate to ratify a massive UN Small Arms Treaty. So while a lot of folks just donít want to think about four more years of Obama, we have to think about it Ė and prepare for it.Ē

Pratt contends that the most important elections will be for the Senate, saying that an Obama reelection, coupled with anti-gunner Harry Reid retaining control of the Senate, would be a disaster for the country. But defeating just four anti-gun Democrats would take the gavel out of Reidís hands.

GOA already has identified opportunities to pick up pro-gun seats:

* Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, F-rated by GOA, is one of the most endangered Democrat Senators.

* Montanaís Democrat Sen. Jon Tester is facing a tough challenge by GOA A-rated candidate Denny Rehberg.

* Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a solid Second Amendment advocate, is mounting a vigorous challenge to Sen. Sherrod Brown.

* Retirements in the Democrat-held states of Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin all represent opportunities to switch seats from anti- to pro-gun.

The key to stopping the radical Obama agenda is to elect as many Second Amendment supporters as possible in the Senate. And this is one of the primary tasks GOA is undertaking over the next nine months.

GOA already has surveyed all the candidates and made several key endorsements. Now is the time to start contacting gun owners and sportsmen in all the strategic states to spread the word about the best candidates and to make sure all Second Amendment supporters are registered to vote.

GOA will also be reaching out to the gun rights community over the internet and through mailings. We will spread the word with newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertisements.

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