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THERE’S A HOLE IN THE GOP’S ‘MITT’: Taking a Closer Look at How Left Romney’s Record Is- Category:(default)
THERE’S A HOLE IN THE GOP’S ‘MITT’: Taking a Closer Look at How Left Romney’s Record Is


And the beat goes on in the Republican primary, as Romney continues to pound his head against the 30 percent glass ceiling, unable to pull away from the pack because he just can’t rally the conservative base.

It leaves conservative pundits like Gregg Jackson and Steve Deace, coauthors of the new book We Won’t Get Fooled Again, with no other choice but to believe that, if voters weren’t being told Romney is the GOP’s best chance of beating Obama, the former Massachusetts governor would’ve been out of the race a long time ago.

And why? Because in this mock letter from Jackson and Deace to Mitt himself, the two authors outline why a general Obama–Romney election will be more like a liberal runoff.

Mitt, if you want to be President, we have some brief friendly advice for you...

Why are you going through all this trouble running as a self-styled “pro-life,” “pro-family,” “limited government” Republican, when your actual record clearly shows you are even further to the left than McCain...and nothing more than Barack Obama in a Reagan costume?

Hey, Mitt, why don’t you just challenge massively unpopular B. Hussein Obama to get the Democrat nomination and run as the Massachusetts liberal socialist Democrat you are?

Guaranteed, you would have no problem getting the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-socialist Democrat base to back you. And as you surely must know by now, you can’t win a national election (or even state primary/caucus for that matter) without your base on Election Day.

After all, not even Barry Ho has been able to sign in free and $50 abortions and implement same-sex “marriage” as you have been able to do. He’s even tried to recently emulate your precedent of forcing Catholic hospitals to issue abortion pills.

But neither he, nor Hillary, nor any other potential rival you may have in the Dem Party has ever been able to force Catholic charities to place children with same-sex couples like you did as the governor of Massachusetts, falsely claiming you were legally obligated to do so—an argument that even arch conservative, former Massachusetts Governor, Mike Dukakis disputes!

Let’s face it. No Democrat has been able to achieve anywhere near the far left-wing social and fiscal record fully documented and never refuted by you in just four short years!

Can’t understand why you would be running away from it when it could be your strongest asset if you ran as a liberal Democrat.

Just some friendly advice. Take it for what it’s worth.

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