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BIBLE PREDICTS DESTRUCTION OF DAMASCUS- Category:Christian_Conservative_News


Damascus, Syria is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world.

But the bible predicts that this 5000 year old city will become a 'ruinous heap.'

Today we see Syria's existing government run by Assad pitted up against hard core Islamists funded and fortified by the Obama administration.

Currently Damascus is home to virtually every terrorist organization on earth so you might ask how it can get worse than that.

Answer: If the hard core Islamists get hold of the huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction including vast amounts of nerve gas.

The recent deaths from Sarin nerve gas were either from the hands of Assad's government or from Islamist rebels trying to frame Assad.

If from the Islamist rebels, it was likely to gain world sympathy from all the pictures of dead women and children. But there is one thing we know for sure: There is a whole lot of nerve gas in Syria, and Israel is more than a little bit concerned about it going from bad hands into worse hands.

So will Israel strike Damascus, leaving it a 'ruinous heap' as prophesied in the biblical book of Ezekiel chapter 17, verse 1?

Time will tell. Here's Ezekiel 17:1 in its entirety. You prayerfully can contemplate the details:

"The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap."

So, we know that the bible is true and what it says will come to pass. We may not always know the exact when and where but we do know the general characters and overall details.

Let's examine the possible nations that might utterly destroy Damascus.

First we have Russia who is certainly powerful enough to do the dirty deed except for one thing:

They are allies with Syria and unlikely to invade.

Next it could be an Obama-led invasion, perhaps joined by Great Britain.

This could be in response to the Assad government of Syria supposedly crossing the so-called 'red line' by allegedly using chemical weapons.

We know for sure that someone in Damascus used chemical weapons. The question is: Who?

But since when did the Obama administration need any proof of anything in their quest to install hard core Islamists throughout the Middle East?

And if Obama gives sufficient additional support to the hard core Islamist rebels, they might finish off Damascus by themselves.

And finally, going back to Israel, lets contrast and compare their ancient enemies with the current geo-political landscape.

When we do, we find something remarkable:

The ancient enemies of Israel are still there and living in Arab nations all around them.

The most ardent enemies of Israel named in Psalm 83 are: Hamas residing in Gaza.

Then there are the Palestinians in Jordan and the West Bank.

And Hezbollah is in Lebanon.

And in Syria itself, particularly in Damascus, you have a whose of haters of Israel and Jewish people.

And again, that can go from bad to worse if the hard core Islamists overthrow a more secular regime led by Assad.

So there you have it:

Israel has its multi-millennial mortal enemies armed to the teeth with more money and arms pouring in from the Obama administration.

Will Israel act pro-actively to make its move to see Ezekiel 17:1 come to pass?

Or will one or more of its enemies make a move, forcing Israel to take quick and decisive defensive action?

I don't claim to be a prophet but one way or another I predict that the utter destruction of Damascus is imminent. And once that happens, the accelerated timetable of Armageddon begins, leading to the war of God and Magog.

And following that is the war of Armageddon that will be finished and won by Messiah Himself, Who will rule and reign for 1000 years of true peace.

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