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Has Teheran had the Bomb from the Russian Black Market for 13 Years?
By Lawrence J. Joyce
- Category:Christian_Conservative_News
Has Teheran had the Bomb from the Russian Black Market for 13 Years?
By Lawrence J. Joyce


On the eve of next month’s presidential election Barack Obama may be preparing an “October Surprise” to shore up his sagging prospects for reelection. According to the New York Times, he may be on the verge of cutting a deal with Iran, a deal which ostensibly would get Iran to agree to halt its nuclear enrichment program by peaceful means rather than by attacking the Islamic Republic militarily. Yet there’s more to this picture than meets the eye, as revealed by a C.I.A. disclosure nearly thirteen years ago.

According to another New York Times article, one published on January 17th of 2000, the C.I.A. briefed President Clinton on a new assessment of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. C.I.A. Director George Tenet told President Clinton that, in the agency’s estimate, Iran might have had the capacity even back then to make a nuclear weapon. This new capacity, apparently, was based not on Iran’s own ability to make a bomb, but rather an Iran’s potential ability to obtain all that it would need on the black market from the former Soviet Union.[1]

In my own estimate, what this means for American foreign policy is this: The entire Iranian nuclear program might be nothing more than camouflage for Iran’s true nuclear capabilities, capabilities which might include either a present capacity to make a bomb or perhaps even the possession of one or more nuclear weapons in Iran’s arsenal already. The need for camouflage would stem, presumably, from the fact that when a nuclear weapon is detonated, sensors can determine, from the characteristics of radioactive isotopes in the fallout, the origin of the fissile material for the bomb. This would mean that if Iran were to detonate a nuclear weapon which it had obtained on the black market, even if only in a test, it would immediately face extreme ostracism from nearly every nation on earth for having obtained the weapon, or the material for the weapon, on the black market from Russia.

Teheran could obviate the need to address such an outcry, however, by purporting to have obtained its nuclear material in a legitimate way: through its nuclear program with Russia. The material obtained through that deal supposedly was to be used only for making a nuclear power plant. In answer to questions about how it had enriched that material so quickly into a bomb, it could simply say that its enrichment program, which was carried on in secret, was far, far ahead of where the West thought it was. And Teheran could further piously claim that it had never intended to build a nuclear bomb when it first purchased the material, but was only forced to do so afterwards in self-defense when it concluded that Israel or the United States might attack Iran some day.

Thus, any deal by the U.S. today to get Iran to halt its nuclear enrichment program might be the product of deception. And the implications for America and Israel are ominous.

The Iranian civil government, we must remember, is currently headed by a man who eagerly looks forward to the arrival of the Islamic Messiah--- the so-called Twelfth Imam, or the “Mahdi” (“the Rightly Guided One”). President Ahmadinejad also believes, contrary to most Christians and Jews, that people can, by their own personal behavior, speed up the coming of the Muslim “Messiah.” He furthermore believes that creating world chaos is the surest and fastest way to usher in this Messiah. And what better way to do all this than with a nuclear weapon? As a bumper sticker from the ’80s once put it: “One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.”

Furthermore, as if using a nuclear weapon in its ordinary capacity weren’t already bad enough, there is the danger that Iran could use an A-bomb to make an E-bomb---an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb. Right now Iran has missiles which, if smuggled into Canada piece by piece and assembled there, could detonate a small atomic weapon over America’s heartland. The missile would be within range if launched from a semi-circular area of Canada bounded by the area where the Canadian border meets the juncture of Montana and North Dakota on the west, over to a point near Thunder Bay, Ontario, to the east. As the Congressionally-appointed EMP Threat Commission pointed out, simple atomic weapons would be even better for such an attack than today’s modern nuclear weapons, and even a small device could wipe out virtually all electricity in the contiguous 48 states, resulting in the death of over 200 million Americans over the course of the first year alone. The reason for this is that even backup electrical generators, etc., would not be able to work, and the electrical systems of motor vehicles would fail, rendering them inoperable. Think of it: no cell phones, no landlines, no internet, no cable, no TV broadcasting, either. Life would become primitive instantly.

To put this in perspective, consider (most critically of all) the following question: If all electricity were to fail right now everywhere in the U.S., where would your next drink of fresh water come from? For there would be no running water. Think about that. And if there’s no running water and motor vehicles won’t work, how would the fire department put out the runaway fires which would develop eventually (and probably soon)? And what would happen to America’s nuclear power plants if even their own backup generators could not operate to supply cooling water to their high-level nuclear material, and what would happen to America’s homes and farmlands when the nuclear plants lose control? It would be destruction of Biblical proportions. (See Chapter 18 of the Book of Revelation (known as the Apocalypse in Roman Catholic bibles) and Jeremiah 9: 9-25.)

What shall we make of it, then, if our government enters into a deal with Iran to halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment program? Should we think that this deal with Iran is to our benefit? Or should we shudder at the thought that we may have purchased a false sense of security, one which will come back to haunt us when a fully-nuclear capable Iran seeks to unlock the gate for the Islamic Messiah with a devastating attack on the U.S.?

The author, Lawrence J. Joyce, is a pharmacist and attorney and author to the book, “Lessons From Dugway, What I learned about Surviving Germ Warfare from the U.S. Army Proving Grounds.” He may be contacted at:

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