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The Wisdom of the Healing Wound- Category:Christian_Conservative_News
The Wisdom of the Healing Wound


By:David Knighton, M.D.

Boost Your Physical and Emotional Healing Abilities

Dr. David Knighton has some remarkable insights about wounds and our ability to heal ourselves. “We've all been wounded,” he writes. “But, paradoxically, wounding is probably our greatest stimulus for health. As we heal, we grow.”

A leading expert on wound healing, Dr. Knighton delves even deeper into the mystery of human nature with his new book The Wisdom of the Healing Wound: A New View on Why We Hurt and How We Can Cure Even the Deepest Physical and Emotional Wounds. (Health Communications, Inc.)

“The goal in working with wounds of any kind — from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual — is to restore structure and function,” Dr. Knighton says. “That is the healer’s role. Ultimately, The Wisdom of the Healing Wound is about being human — about living fully as body, mind, and spirit. More importantly, it is about the powerful, transformative, and often surprising ways we can heal and thrive in the face of our wounds.”

“Life is full of wounds–physical, emotional, and spiritual. The wounded psyche and spirit heal in much the same manner as physical wounds,” Dr. Knighton explains. “It's what gives the book a universal appeal.” People in 12-step recovery groups, people facing surgery or who have physical wounds that are slow to heal, people with emotional trauma or PTSD, military and abuse victims and the healing professionals who work with all these types of wounds are sure to see the usefulness of The Wisdom of the Healing Wound.

Dr. David Knighton has achieved the highest standards in his several careers as a doctor, researcher and academic. While at medical school at the University of Illinois, he worked on cancer research at Harvard Medical School. His subsequent work in general surgery, trauma surgery and vascular surgery formed a foundation for his groundbreaking advances in wound care. He founded the Wound Healing Clinic at the University of Minnesota in 1987 which became a prototype for such clinics across the country. His research successes encompass many patents and hundreds of papers and articles for scholarly journals.

“I hope this book will help people understand how wounds serve, support, and teach people,” Dr. Knighton concludes. “I want readers to see wounds, healing, and health in a new and life-affirming way.”

Review by Harold Cheetham Managing Editor Web Today:
Interesting and fasinating approach to healing wounds of all types,whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual.Well written and very informative.Truly a book to add to your must read list.
Note:Also reviewed at Book Reviews by Harold Cheetham

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