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LIBERAL MEDIA ALREADY STARTING TO DESTROY ROMNEY: MSNBC, CNN, Comedy Central all reporting on Posthumous Mormon Baptisms of Holocaust Victims- Category:(default)
LIBERAL MEDIA ALREADY STARTING TO DESTROY ROMNEY: MSNBC, CNN, Comedy Central all reporting on Posthumous Mormon Baptisms of Holocaust Victims


If Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee for president, his camp may not have to worry about Romneycare or being demonized by the OWS crowd. The liberal media is already tipping its hand on what could be a far more effective tactic—attacking the Mormon religion.

Both CNN and MSNBC reported that holocaust victim Anne Frank has been posthumously baptized, by proxy, as a Mormon nine times (link below). Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took this a giant step further and mocked Mormonism by posthumously circumcising all dead Mormons in order to convert them to Judaism, using a hot dog and a cigar cutter.

Ted Shoebat, son of a former Muslim terrorist and PLO member says that while the left in America likes to portray the right as religious bigots, it is the left that has already begun attacks on Mormonism by tying unusual—some say bizarre practices—to Romney himself.

Shoebat has actually studied the Mormon religion for some time and uncovered something else the left is likely to use in its attacks against Romney, which are certain to increase if the former Massachusetts Governor gets the nomination.

“Some time ago,” Shoebat says, “I discovered that Adolf Hitler was once posthumously baptized as a Mormon.” Shoebat contends that as these things become known by the liberal media, Republicans need to be prepared for an all-out assault on Romney.

Interestingly, the source Shoebat found to be the same source MSNBC and CNN are using to identify Anne Frank as having been baptized Mormon posthumously is the same source that identified Hitler's Mormon baptism; her name is Helen Radkey, a former Mormon who has been attempting to call attention to the unusual practice.

“If the liberal media has discovered Radkey,” Shoebat says, “this is far, far, far from over. Romney will be the target of an onslaught we cannot even imagine at t his point.

Another aspect to this is the Jewish vote. Obama has been losing support among Jewish voters for some time. If Romney's religion can be painted as a religion that baptized both Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler, it is likely to neutralize that problem for Obama in the same way the Romneycare is expected to neutralize the issue of Obamacare.

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