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MURUNA: A TACTIC ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MUST UNDERSTAND: Former Muslim Brotherhood activist issues Warning of Deceptive new tactic against the West- Category:(default)
MURUNA: A TACTIC ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MUST UNDERSTAND: Former Muslim Brotherhood activist issues Warning of Deceptive new tactic against the West


A spokesperson for the Rick Santorum campaign inadvertently used the phrase “radical Islamic policies” to describe Barack Obama's theology. Regardless of whether that was a freudian slip or intentionally said, a newly discovered tactic of the Muslim Brotherhood has been discovered; it is both extremely radical and deceptive. It's called “muruna” and it seems to be working.

Ever since the dawn of the inaptly named “Arab Spring,” western leaders and mainstream media outlets have been expressing support through words and deeds, for the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? Do they not know that one of the goals of the Brotherhood is to overthrow the United States government?

Former PLO member and Muslim Brotherhood activist, Walid Shoebat says this is nothing new. “Americans simply do not understand the Middle Eastern mentality,” he said. “The Muslim world has been operating this way for 1400 years and westerners still haven't figured it out.” Ben Barrack, conservative talk show host, writer, and co-author of the article about muruna, says westerners are falling right into the trap of the Brotherhood, which wants to be perceived as moderate.

Shoebat points to a newly resurrected tactic being used by the Brotherhood to deceive the West. It's called, “Muruna” and it is a very effective strategy because it allows Islamists to throw off the chains of Sharia law temporarily, in the name of deception.

“Westerners may have heard of the term 'Taqiyya,' which is a technique whereby Muslims are permitted to lie in order to protect or further the cause of Islam,” says Shoebat. “Muruna is much more insidious. It allows followers to not only lie but to violate the most strict prohibitions of Sharia law in order to deceive their enemies.”

The end result, Barrack says, is that those who practice muruna are perceived as moderate practitioners of Islam and thereby, less threatening. “In reality,” he says, “these are the most dangerous practitioners of all.”

Last year, the United States Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper told congress that the Muslim Brotherhood was “largely secular.” Then, as the Libyan rebels fought to overthrow Muammar Gadhafi, Senator John McCain called them his “heroes.” The truth is that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the least bit secular and McCain's “heroes” proved to be al-Qaeda. Now, McCain, along with Senator Lindsey Graham want to arm the Syrian rebels, which are flying Al-Qaeda flags.

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