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Don't Let the Market Scare You: Why Investors Should Learn to Embrace Volatility- Category:(default)
Don't Let the Market Scare You: Why Investors Should Learn to Embrace Volatility


Now everyone is talking about rising gas prices against a weak dollar. And that’s before they’ve even finished exhaling on the debt, unemployment, wages, housing, or taxes and regulations.

So, why is seasoned investment manager, Steve Selengut, telling investors and working Americans with retirement plans to enjoy the ride?

“Volatility, even of the extreme variety,” explains Selengut, “is simply a force of nature—one that you need to embrace and deal with constructively if you are to succeed as an investor. The key is to react and invest with the market, not try to outsmart it. Take what’s going on now. In forty years of investing, I’ve never once felt that a weak or strong dollar was nearly as important as the media portrays it.”

Referencing his latest book, The Brainwashing of the American Investor: the Book Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Read, Selengut will expresses a new, common-sense perspective on investing that, unfortunately, is alien to many commission-based, mutual-fund, advisor-client relationships.

“Most investors, and many investment professionals, choose their securities, run their portfolios, and base their decisions on the emotional energy they pick up on the Internet, in media sound bytes, and through the product offerings of Wall Street institutional boiler rooms. They move cyclically from fear to greed and back again, most often gyrating in precisely the wrong direction, at or near precisely the wrong time. The answer is what I call the Market Cycle Investment Management Methodology (MCIM). If, for example, a war in the Middle East causes stock prices to fall, this approach will take advantage of it.

“Investors are a very dependent group, particularly now that most employees are responsible for directing their own retirement programs. Mother Wall Street has monopolized this huge market, and nursed its children, first, on mutual funds and, now, on derivative betting mechanisms they call index ETFs.

Designed to massage a limited-understanding, instant-gratification audience, these buzz word products have separated IRA, 401(k), and most non-professionals from an appreciation of the basic building blocks of investing—stocks, bonds and the power of compound interest.

“Municipal Bond Closed End Funds, for example, have paid a steady rate above 6 percent, federally tax-free before, during and since the financial crisis. How many working Americans are even aware of such investment opportunities? Not many. And not from financial advisors who withhold such information for selfish reasons.”

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