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Canada days ago announced that this fall it will cease distributing pennies from its Mint, declaring that this coin now costs more than 1.5 cents apiece to produce.

Sweden is moving toward elimination coins and paper money completely, reports Associated Press. Most of Sweden's public buses and even some banks no longer accept cash. All transactions must be via ticket, check, computer or smart cell phone.

“It's easy to see why governments want a 'cashless society,'” says Think Tank Futurist Lowell Ponte who is the coauthor of the widely praised 2011 book The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us...And Seven Ways to Stop It!

“When you can legally buy and sell not with cash but only with numbers in a computer, virtually everything you earn or sell will become a traceable, taxable transaction,” says Ponte, who added, “Government will be able to sit between you and anyone with whom you exchange money. Even non-Christians might find it disquieting that the Bible (Book of Revelation 13:17) describes a future where people must be marked with a ruler-approved number to be able to ‘buy and sell.’ That sounds amazingly similar to a 'cashless society' that for buying or selling could soon require you to have a credit card, implanted computer chip, or ergonomic fingerprint or iris identity that a computer can use to link you to your Social Security number.”

Lowell contends that with such power, the government could track you or instantly cut off your ability to buy or sell anything, from gasoline to food, just by using your 'cashless' computer account, adding, “Apart from the willingness of some to risk arrest by bartering goods and services with you, a future government could simply cut off your ability to survive in a fully 'cashless' society. Outlaws would be cashed out.”

“Canada – soon to be followed by the United States – is killing its penny because politicians have so diminished the value of our dollars that they can no longer find a metal cheap enough to make pennies that cost less than a penny,” said Ponte.

“One reason to push Americans to use only elastic plastic credit cards, not cash, is that soon even the high-tech paper and ink used to make a dollar will be worth more than a dollar. The U.S. Dollar soon won't be worth the paper it's printed on.”,” remarked Lowell.

“A century ago the U.S. Dollar was backed by gold, and gold coins had intrinsic value,” said Ponte who also wrote Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse in 2010.

“Today's paper dollar buys what two pennies could buy 100 years ago, because when we stopped backing our dollar with precious metal, our spendaholic politicians were free to print as many trillions of paper dollars as they want,” says Ponte. “Today's paper dollars have zero intrinsic value.”

“That's why Thomas Jefferson once warned that paper currency is not real money – but only the ghost of money. The U.S. Constitution specified money to mean silver and gold, not mere paper,” opined Ponte.

“A specter is haunting our economy – this ghost of murdered money that becomes worth a little less every day....making gasoline and food and everything more and more expensive. And now we're rushing towards a future where people won't even have base metal coins or paper dollars, which you can at least usually spend without government surveillance or permission.”

“Soon all your transactions will happen inside computers, with Big Brother looking over your shoulder. Money will just be electronic impulses, flashes of light on a computer screen, the ghost in a machine. We'll all be cashless and freedomless.”

Sweden recently announced that it might support a European tax on financial transactions. How convenient for tax and spend politicians who favor a cashless society to crack down on taxpayers who don’t pay their ‘fair share.’

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