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IT’S JARED LOUGHNER ALL OVER AGAIN: Gun Control Advocates Fired Up About Trayvon- Category:Politics
IT’S JARED LOUGHNER ALL OVER AGAIN: Gun Control Advocates Fired Up About Trayvon


“Never let a crisis go to waste,” the phrase recently made famous by Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual, appears to be earning a place as the unspoken mantra of liberal agendas everywhere.

When it comes to the battle over gun control, it’s getting to be a tired game for Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation and co-author of the new book, Shooting Blanks: Facts Don’t Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd.

With the high-profile shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, grabbing all the headlines right now, Gottlieb and other gun rights proponents are having flashbacks to last year’s Jared Loughner shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Following that tragedy, gun-control politicians at all levels in government were out in full force, making their case to turn back the 2nd Amendment. With Martin they’re at it again.

But, as Gottlieb points out, the fact that the same old voices are chirping the same old song—like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D) is to be expected. What folks like Gottlieb struggle with is the continually misguided blame on the Constitution and the law, rather than the perpetrator.

In the case of Martin, they aren’t even waiting for the case to be investigated and tried. And, yet, Gottlieb explains that the outcome doesn’t even matter.

“Anti-gun rights Mayor Bloomberg is trying to use this incident to push his attack on gun ownership,” says Gottlieb. “If George Zimmerman did not act in self-defense, then he should be held accountable—not the laws that allow guns for self-defense.”

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