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MSNBC SOURCE: MORMONS BAPTIZED 9/11 HIJACKER: If Mitt Romney the nominee, will Mainstream Media destroy him over his Religion?- Category:(default)
MSNBC SOURCE: MORMONS BAPTIZED 9/11 HIJACKER: If Mitt Romney the nominee, will Mainstream Media destroy him over his Religion?


In 2007 – 2008, conservatives were apoplectic as they watched the mainstream media completely ignore Barack Obama's radical religion and pastor. They also ignored revelations that Rev. Jeremiah Wright posted the writings of a Hamas leader in his church's newsletter. If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee for president, the opposite will be true. That same mainstream media will do an about face when it comes to vetting Romney's religion.

Two such entities – MSNBC and CNN – have already tipped their hands by citing ex-Mormon Helen Radkey as an expert in the field. Radkey has done an overwhelming amount of research into the posthumous baptismal records that exist in the Mormon church's database and it is shocking what she has. Figures like Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler, for example, have both been baptized posthumously into the Mormon religion.

When asked if there are any records of Mormons baptizing deceased Muslims, Radkey answered in the affirmative, saying that she has confirmed tha baptism of one 9/11 hijacker and multiple attempts to baptize Islam's prophet, Muhammed.

Ted Shoebat, son of a former Muslim terrorist and PLO member, who has been studying Mormonim for over five years posits the question: If the Muslim world found out that the Republican nominee for President of the United States belongs to a religion that baptizes their deceased martyrs into a new religion, how would they react? Would the media report on it during the presidential campaign?

Shoebat points out that any information Radkey has will be considered credible because the mainstream media has already touted her as a source. “If MSNBC is willing to interview Radkey about deceased Holocaust victims – like Anne Frank – being posthumously baptized,” Shoebat rhetorically asks, “why wouldn't they bring up all of these other baptisms, like Hitler and Ted Bundy, if Romney becomes the Republican nominee?”

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