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Today Obama held a special News Conference on the Economy, which current polls show is of greater interest to Americans than all other categories combined.

After hyping the daylights out of the news conference that started about a half hour late, Obama’s Socialist-leaning solution to ‘fix’ our economy was to help Europe with their economy. He turned the beginning of his conference into an infomercial encouraging European nations to stick with their Euro zone.

Obama said it is ‘critical’ from the Congress to obey his jobs plan initiatives. He blamed Congress for not passing his plan in its entirety and had they done so, we’d have a million more jobs today.

In a Socialist solution Obama said rather than to create jobs through the private sector and the free market, he said Congress should pass a new law putting cops and other employees back to work. But he did also say there should be a tax credit for employers who hire workers.

But when the Teleprompter ran out of words and when Obama opened the conference up to questions, he did just awful. First he picked a friendly reporter from Reuters who asked what appeared to be a pre-canned question about what the U.S. role should be in the European debt crisis. But he gave a long convoluted answer that left listeners scratching their heads as to why he picked that question.

He more or less said it’s not a Euro zone but it is individual nations, some stronger and others weaker, but that they need to stick together and we need to help them. But after being thrown a softball question, he should have been able to hit it out of the park, instead of hitting dozens of foul balls in his rambling answer. It may just be that Obama is so devoid of true answers to fixing the economy that he is incapable of answering the question. I was truly bizarre. It makes a person wonder how on earth any business leaders could support this man. When Obama is not on the Teleprompter, it is truly a scary site to behold.

Obama said some European nations have 15% unemployment and if austerity is too tough then it could go to 25%. Obama then shifted to the U.S. economy, claiming he created 800,000 jobs this year alone.

Providing an interesting immediate rebuttal to the Obama news conference was Craig Smith, chairman of Swiss America, who said, “I couldn't believe the President’s statement today. He has to remind us over and over how bad the economy was and how he made it better. We were losing jobs, he made jobs. Yet we have almost 2 million fewer jobs since he took office. Then it is Europe' fault.

Then the congress not acting on his jobs bill but he offers NOTHING he would do as our leader to get the bill passed! He neglected to mention his jobs bill would pass tomorrow IF it didn't change carried interest into ordinary income, repeal oil subsidies, eliminate corporate jet deductions or have 28% limitation on certain deductions and exclusions. He continues to attack business with higher taxes and more regulations. UGH!”

We agree. Ugh, indeed.

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